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Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Attending a South Africe VS West Indies 50/50 Cricket Game

We took the opportunity to go to an International Cricket Game this afternoon.  South Africa was playing the West Indies at the Buffalo Park Cricket Grounds in East London.  As with all sporting events, parking was a bit of a challenge.  Once we were finally parked, we could not get over the fence to get to the front office to purchase tickets.  It took some time but Sister Thomas found a hole in the fence that we climbed through.   When we made it to the stadium, we found they did not sell tickets at the grounds.

We were about to give up when we found some scalpers and purchased two tickets.  We felt this was fairly secure but then found that the tickers would not work at the ticket gate.  We then waited in line with a number of others who had the same or similar problems.  A nice security lady helped us out and we made it in.  We were very surprised to find that you could not purchase tickets at the cricket stadium.  Now we know.

This was a wonderful, culturally rewarding experience.  A very diverse crowd attended and the joy of simply being there was enjoyed by all.  The people in front of us brought this sign.  The person held it up facing backward for about haft the time until he realized that the cameras could not read it backwards.  We liked where they added the D on BEHIND.

For a one day international match of 50 overs, it was not very exciting.  It was almost an anticipation of not if the Proteas would win but when they would do it.  The West Indies scored 122 all out and then South Africa scored 124 for 1 to win by 9 Wickets.  It was a crushing win by South Africa.  Not too many times that an international limited overs cricket game begins at 1:30 and is all over by 6:30 in the evening.

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