"And whoso receiveth you, there I will be also, for I will go before your face. I will be on your right hand and on your left, and my Spirit shall be in your hearts, and mine angels round about you, to bear you up." D&C 84:88

Saturday, February 28, 2015

Teaching and Interviewing in Mthatha

We received an assignment from President Merrill to interview an investigator who has a baptismal date in Mthatha.  We drove to Mthatha on Saturday morning and arranged to meet up with the Elders at the Mthatha Nando’s for lunch.  After we had checked into our Bed & Breakfast, we met up with Elders Best and Castro and they rode with us. They directed us where to go for the interview with the baptismal candidate.  The interview was a blessing.

When I was through, we visited with all the children who had gathered in the yard to play.  This tree was the local jungle jim with the boys beginning at the top branch and swinging and catching the new lower branch until they landed on the ground.  Sister Thomas had a picture taken with all the girls who had gathered to watch and play.

Sister Thomas took up a beef roast, carrots, onions and other ingredients in order to help the Elders prepare a crock pot lunch for Sunday after church.  They were very grateful for the help and advice.  While the lunch is for all four elders, we left before Elders Young and Banda returned home from the last appointment.

Friday, February 27, 2015

Mdantsane District Meetings along with some Zone Training

We picked up the post and then met at the Amalinda chapel with Brother Welsh, the East London Stake Clerk in order to pick up some information that I needed to take to Mthatha.  He provided me the forms that they need to fill in for the stake so the Mthatha Branch can apply to be to become a ward.  The Branch is so close.

Then Sister Thomas and I attended the Mdantsane Zone meeting as the Zone Leaders provided the training and instruction that they received during the last Mission Leadership Council Skype call.  One district had already departed when we took this picture so we missed them. 

You can see them from left to right: Elders Richards, Okeny, Stegelmeier, Faitau, Sanders, Dryer, Sister Thomas, Elders Matini and Radebe.

Thursday, February 26, 2015

Repairs, Boarding Inspections and a Game of Golf

We went very early to help out Elder Johnson and Elder Soko.  Their water was off last night and one of the Elders turned on a tap to check and then forgot to turn it back off.  In the middle of the night, when the water came back on, the sink overflowed and the apartment became flooded.  The water ran all night.  We had to take over our Wet/Dry Vac  to help suck up all the water.  After that we went to clean a plunged drain in a sink.

Then we went and met up with President and Sister Wheeler and President Wheeler and I went and played golf while Sister Thomas and Sister Wheeler went and inspected our final two flats.  You can see Sister Wheeler with the Elders at each flat.

It was a wonderful day on the golf course and I really enjoyed the time with President Wheeler.  We spoke of common problems in the mission field and of common issues that are coming when we return from our missions.  I really hope to go and listen to them as they given their home coming talks.

Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Dinner with the Wheelers

Elder and Sister Wheeler came to East London to work in the Family History Library and do some work for a member of their Branch.  After they were done, we met them for dinner.  It was an enjoyable evening and fun company.  We are going to have to make a trip to Loganville, Nevada so we can say “hi”.  We have really enjoyed getting to know the Wheelers.

Helping the Elders in King WIlliams Town get Quotes on their Vehicle

We drove to King Williams Town in order to help Elder Oswald and Elder Gurney get quotes for their vehicle that was involved in an accident there.   We had to drive the car where the driver’s door would not close.  About 100 yards down the road we had to stop and cut out a piece of the Plastic fender well liner that was turning on the tire.  You can see Elder Gurney’s hands holding the driver side door closed for me as I drive.  We were able to get the required quotes and get the documents forwarded to Elder Halversen.

Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Hanging Mirrors for the Elders in the Newly Installed Shelving

The Landlord installed some new cabinets in one the Elders’ boardings.  We had to go and purchase some mirrors so the Elders would have a mirror to tie their ties.  Sister Thomas puts some final touches on the new mirror.

We also hung some bulletin boards in other boardings today.  No pictures of that.

Monday, February 23, 2015

Sunrise in Gonubie

We spent most of this day doing errands.  First thing this morning we picked up the post and we received 17 boxes.  Most of these packages are the teaching materials that were ordered for the new eastern hub.  After unpacking and separating these, we delivered the post to the Zone Leaders and we gave the post for Mthatha and Queenstown to the Traveling Assistants because they left today to travel to Mthatha to work with the Elders there.  After Mthatha they will deliver the post to Queenstown.

This is a typical sunrise that greets every morning.  This one is at 5:42 in the morning.

Sunday, February 22, 2015

Siba and Xanti and their New Brides

We had a lovely evening last night with the Wheelers.  It is always a treat to stay overnight with them.  They are gracious hosts.

Today we attended Sacrament Meeting in the Port Alfred Branch where I called a new counselor in the Elders Quorum Presidency.  We left the meeting after the intermediate hymn and drove to Grahamstown to get there in time for Priesthood meeting.  I released the old Elders Quorum President and then call a new one.  It was busy day at Church.

We have had the opportunity to work with Siba on the left and Xanti on the right in the Grahamstown branch.  Both are returned missionaries who have served in various callings in the Branch.  They are now engaged and I had the opportunity to give them a Temple Recommend interview and a living ordnance recommend so they could get married and sealed.  This is their last Sunday at the Branch.  They will be going to the Temple on Tuesday for Siba’s bride-to-be to receive her endowments and for Xanti and his bride to be married.  Then Siba will move to Port Elizabeth and Xanti will move to Cape Town.  These are the Church’s future leaders.  Nice young couples.

Friday, February 20, 2015

East London Zone Meeting

We attended the East London Zone meeting that was held today.  Zone Leaders Stratton and Chamberlain relayed the counsel that they received during the Mission Leadership Skype call.  They also provided training on the difference between a missionary who is consecrated  and a missionary who sacrifices while on his mission.  They challenged all missionaries to be willing to offer all on the altar while in the mission field by consecrating their service to the Lord now and forever.

We then went home and packed our bag and headed out to Port Elizabeth.  We had some things to deliver to and discuss with the Lundberg’s.  We arrived around 8 pm and they were gracious enough to have the makings for gourmet sandwiches for us.  We stayed the night and had some nice “social” time with them before departing to Grahamstown.

Left to Right: Elders Katwana, Chamberlain, Hyera, Thayne, Si’ufanua, Chapman, Johnson, Sister Thomas, Elders Pope, Stratton, Mmusi, Pitsoane, Nzama, Muller and Soko.

Thursday, February 19, 2015

Elder Smith and the Apron his Mom Made

Elder Smith shares his special apron with us.  His mom sent this to him and it is a hit in the mission field.  Sister Thomas wants to make some of these for our granddaughters.  We will have to get the pattern from Sister Smith when we get home.  It is a nice idea.

Boarding Inspections in East London

This morning is our time to inspect the missionaries’ flats.  We are inspecting every Thursday morning between 9:00 and 12:00.  We do it at this time because we know that the Elders will be at home.

The flats were in good shape and, with Sister Thomas’ encouragement, the final bits were cleaned.  As ever, she continues to train the Elders every time we go. In the lower left she has Elders Chapman, Pitsoane, Katwana and Hyera in the bathroom teaching about soap scum and how to clean it.

In upper left are Elders Tennent, Okeny, Black, Dryer, Richards and Radebe enjoying some of Sister Thomas cookies that she just passed out as a small reward for a clean flat.  The Traveling Assistants, Elders Black and Tennent happened to be here on the day we inspected.

In the lower left Sister Thomas gets the Elders to look away when I went to take the picture.  That is Elder Chapman, Nzama, Katwana, Si’ufanua, Mmusi, Pitsoane, and Muller who had very clean flats.

In upper right the missionaries enjoy a perfect 10/10 score from Sister Thomas for the inspection.  That does not happen very often.  Elders Jenner, Shabalala, Sister Thomas, and Elders Smith and Mukonda are pleased with the result.

We have told all the Elders we will be coming on Thursday but they don’t know which apartment we will come to on any given Thursday.  We call them and let them know when we are outside of their boardings so they know we are coming and they get a very short warning.  Remember that this is the morning that the Elders do their weekly planning so we try to get in and out as quickly as possible so we do not disturb them too much.  What I find very satisfying is that every Elder is up and dressed for the day.  All were dressed in “whites” as required and were in the process of completing the weekly planing.  Being dressed as required is another small sign of the increasing obedience of the missionaries in our mission. 

We love them all.

Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Shelving Project in our Garage

When President Merrill was here, we spoke of moving further ahead on our "Regional Hub Post"idea to get resources into the hands of the Elders quicker while at the same time reducing the work load on the Post Elders.  In order to implement this, we took the time to install some shelving in our garage to make space for the increased storage of teaching material along with all the other supplies we have available for the Elders. It  took several hours to clean out the garage, put up the shelves and then “stock the shelves” but it was fun to have a work project that I could do together with Sister Thomas. 

Actually, it was pleasing to do some manual labour and to see a project accomplished.  We both had a feeling that we helped prepare our boarding for those coming behind us.  I must admit I walked back into the garage several times that evening just to enjoy the new shelves.

We have ordered four cases of Books of Mormon and one case of each of the teaching pamphlets to have as stock here on the east side of the mission.  We hope to get to the point that we would order in bulk and the Zone Leaders would come and collect from us or we could deliver to them when we are out and about serving them.

Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Low Tide Walk on the Gonubie River

We were up and down on the beach for a walk this morning.  I went on a long walk and then Sister Thomas picked me up with the car and we went down to walk the low tide line.  It was a wonderful sunny day and the water was warm.

Sunday, February 15, 2015

East London Stake Conference and a Problem Generator

The theme for our Stake Conference in East London was focused on “Hastening the Work of Salvation”.  The speakers on the Sunday Session of Stake Conference were wonderful.  In particular President Merrill and the three talks by the members of the Stake Presidency were some of the best I have heard in a long time.  It was a pleasure to attend and be spiritually fed from the Stake Presidency.

However, I wanted to highlight a side story that occurred during the meeting.  The meeting began at 10:00 and load shedding (not enough generating capacity in South Africa so the power is turned off at different times and in different locations so as to lighten the load on the electricy grid) took place at 10:08, just as President Van Heerden, the first counselor, was sustaining the leaders in the Church and Stake.  When he finished he went to start up a backup generator.  They were very prepared.  They had a backup plan.  The generator was all plunged in, the wires had been laid and were in place.  All they had to do was pull the crank on the generator and they would be ready to move forward with the meeting.

As he and some other brethren were rushing to start the generator, it became flooded.  Luckily, there was a priesthood holder who had some tools.  The congregation was singing hymns (without the electric organ).  I was sitting inside and felt prompted to go out and see if I could help.  I arrived as there were frantic efforts to take the spark plug out, clean it, check for spark and replace it.  President Van Heerden then urged one of those helping to now pull the cord.  A lovely Afrikaans phrase that ended with something like  “trek my boet” or “pull my brother” was said.   In a time of crisis it was an encouraging plea to a fellow priesthood holder.   There were two or three pulls with no success.  As I watch this unfold, President Van Heerden then exclaimed in loud frustration, “You’ve got to be kidding me!”  They knew that load shedding might happen.  They had given it thought, they had prepared, the wires had been laid, the plugs connected, the generator had been started the day before.  What more could have been done?  In his frustration he raised his hands slightly and looked heavenward questioning where his help was going to come from.  Right then, in that instant, on the next pull, the very next pull of the cord, the generator came to life.

I must admit that it was not your normal prayer and was more a cry of frustration.  While not anything like the dreaded circumstances that Joseph Smith was in when he exclaimed “Oh God where art thou?”,   but you could see the concern in his eyes and his desire to fulfill his promise to his Stake President that all would be well.  He did not want to fail in a promise to his priesthood leader.

Later in the meeting, President Van Heerden began his talk by asking in jest, “How many Priesthood holders does it take to start a generator?”  I learned today that it takes those with keys, knowledge, tools and sometimes an outcry in your time of need.  When you desperately need His help, He will step in and help you… after all you can do.

That is President Van Heerden posing with the problem generator after the meeting for me.

Saturday, February 14, 2015

Sister Thomas Passes our Valentine's Wishes to the Elders

We had a rushed day today.  This morning I received a text from President Bell and I called him right back.  He asked me to speak at the Saturday Adult session of Stake Conference.  About 20 minutes later we received a call from the King William’s Town Elders that they had been in an accident.  They were turning right and someone went to over take them on the right. As they were turning, the vehicle hit them on the driver’s side door and front fender.  The good news was that all the Elders were OK.

This changed our day as we had to go to the church and pick up our last spare vehicle and take it to get some tires fixed and returned to the church so the Elders could pick it up when they come in for Stake Conference.  Once done, we returned home and began to get ready to go back to the Women’s Auxiliary Training Meeting where Sister Thomas was going to speak.  Just as we were getting ready we received a call from President Van Heerdan asking if Sister Thomas was coming to the meeting.  As it turned out, we were told the incorrect time for the meeting and we arrived very late. Sister Thomas was not able to give her talk.  A very sad and disappointing event for her because her message would have been perfect and, quite frankly, Sister Thomas has never missed an speaking assignment by being late.  When we attended the Mdantsane 2nd Ward, they announced the meeting times incorrectly.

Sister Thomas was asked to give the opening prayer at the Adult Session of Conference.  Elder Thomas’ talk was excellent.  He was assigned to talk on the miracles that can be brought about by faith.  The theme of the whole conference was “Hastening the Work”.  He related three separate “miracles” that had happened to Elders in the East London Stake when they asked in faith for specific things like placing Books of Mormon or finding a father led family.  He even received an email from a member in Sada expressing thanks for the wonderful talk.  The session had been broadcast to the Queenstown chapel.

Following the Saturday Adult session of Stake conference, Sister Thomas passed out a Valentine’s Gift to each of the Elders.  A big Nestle chocolate bar wrapped in red packaging.  She wished each Elder a Happy Valentine's Day and told them that we loved them.  That was a highlight for the day for Sister Thomas and made up a little bit for the sadness of not being there on time to fulfill an assignment.  The Elders are always so grateful for little acts of kindness.  As in all things, some of the Elders gobbled this down not because is was special but just because they were hungry.

We finished of the day with a nice meal at Guidos in Beacon Bay with President Merrill.  We discussed several issues we are facing in the mission, but I am sure to our kids delight, we began to discuss the travel plans for our departure.  We are not sure we are ready to leave.

Friday, February 13, 2015

Hemming up Elder Thayne's Suit Pants

We found out yesterday that one of the vehicles in Queenstown broke down.  We got up early and went to the church to pick up one of the spare vehicle and we drove two vehicles halfway to Queenstown and met the Stapleys in Stutterheim.

Then we went to District meetings with the East London Zone because we had arranged to watch the Cape Town meeting where Elder Quentin Cook was spoke. 

We also had to the drive out to the airport to pick up the post and get back to the church before the District meetings were over.

Later that evening we went out to Elders Thayne and Pope’s boarding so Sister Thomas could adjust the hem of Elder Thayne new suit pants.  Once they were measured and pinned we took them home. Sister Thomas completed the job that evening.  We will drop the pants off tomorrow prior to the Priesthood Leadership Meeting.  

Thursday, February 12, 2015

Flat Inspections and Fixing Curtain Rods

We began the day doing inspections at the Elder boardings 9 - 12.  We visited the flats of Elders Stratton & Chamberlain and we hung a white board.  This flat was very clean.  Sister Thomas was very pleased with the cleanliness of this flat.  These Zone Leaders are a good example to their Zone.

Then we visited the flat of Elders Johnson and Soko.  Here we had to rehang some curtains that had pulled out of the wall a second time.  We had to drill some new holes and remount the curtain rod.  Here I had the help of Elders Johnson and Soko.

We finished up the morning with Elders Thayne and Pope.  Their flat was also in good shape.  Sister Thomas and I worked with them to get the final touches done.

Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Elder Stegelmeier Arrives in East London as the New Zone Leader

This afternoon we picked up Elder Sanders from the Mdantsane Chapel and took him to the airport with us to pick up his companion Elder Stegelmeier.  We have known Elder Stegelmeier well from the time in he served in the Mthatha Branch and we were in Queenstown.  This is us dropping them off at their boarding.

Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Elder Manqana, Flat Cleaning and a Mc Donald's dinner with Elder Sanders

Elder Manqana was transferred to Cape Town and we took him and dropped him off at the East London Airport.  We had Elder Sanders with us in the evening until we could drop him off with the Elders in his district where he would be working and staying with until his companion arrives tomorrow.

While he was with us we went to his flat and helped him clean it up so it would be clean when his new companion arrives tomorrow.  Once this was done we took him to dinner at Mc Donald’s on the way to drop him off.

Elder Manqana was transferred into our mission when the missions in East Africa were closed down to the Ebola outbreak.  We were fortunate to have his with us for a while.  As always, you can see Sister Thomas providing some needed instructions to Elder Sanders as he adjusts his belt and then goes to work.  The kitchen was cleaned courtesy of Elder Thomas during our work party.

Mission Leadership Skype Call and those.....socks!

This morning we had the Mission Leadership Skype call and we had the Elders over for brunch.  We had thought that the Traveling Assistants would be attending this meeting but they were requested to give it a miss so they could focus on teaching with the missionaries rather than focusing on administrative issues.

They called and excused themselves and asked, tenderly, if it was still all right if they came to brunch.  We said of course they could come. Around the table you can see Elders Chamberlain, Tennant, Sanders, Stratton, Manqana and Black.

During the MLC the President spoke to the Zone Leaders about appropriate ties and socks.  Elder Sanders admitted that perhaps these socks were some of those the President was speaking about.

Monday, February 9, 2015

A Beach Walk, Doctors Appointment and a Song Practice

 On this Monday morning we took a walk along the beach.  It was a lower tide this morning.  Then we took Elder Mukonda to the Dermatologist.  He was really having a problem dealing with his beard.

Sister Thomas organized a singing practice with all the Elders from both Zones at the Church.  The Elders showed up for the practice and then changed and played some sport at the chapel.

The Elders along with all returned missionaries are going to sing Faith in Every Footstep during the Saturday evening session of Stake Conference.

Sunday, February 8, 2015

Grahamstown Branch Conference

We had the opportunity to stay in some bungalows well out of town because it is Freshman week at Rhodes University and all the hotels and B&B’s were fully booked.  All of the new college students and their parents who were dropping them off where attending this event at the University. The accommodation was nice and the full English breakfast was good.  We took a picture as we were heading into the main house for breakfast.

All the members of the Presidency and their wives spoke during the meeting.  Following that we had a special training for the Branch Counsel where we focused on the required unity that is needed in the Savior’s Church and in this small Branch’s Council.

Following this the Branch Relief Society had a meeting with Sister Thomas and Sister Taim to discuss some concerns about Visiting Teaching, lesson schedules and other things.  I caught this group for a picture when they completed this meeting.

They are:  Sister Vuyiseka, Sister Thomas,  Sister Audrey Thomas, Sister Remie and Sister Taim following their training meeting.

Saturday, February 7, 2015

President Merrill arrives for the Grahamstown Branch Conference

President Merrill flew in today and we picked him up for the Grahamstown Branch Conference.  Sister Merrill was due to come as well but has been feeling sick with a bug. She was not able to travel over the weekend.  We hope she is feeling better.

After we picked up President Merrill, we drove to King Williams Town and he participated in a boarding inspection of the Elders working in KWT.  Elders Oswald and Gurney had their flat looking fairly good and Sister Thomas’ inspection went well.  We had to purchase some light bulbs and get them changed while we were there.

After that we went to McDonalds and purchase an early lunch for the Elders.  McDonalds is not our most favorite place but the Elders are grateful everytime we take them there.  We had lunch and were on our way to Grahamstown.

Elder Oswald is on the President’s right and Elder Gurney is on Sister Thomas’ left.

Friday, February 6, 2015

Mdantsane District Meetings

We attended the Mdantsane District meetings today.  We all met together to be able to view a video of the special meeting that was held in Cape Town when Elder Quentin L Cook and Elder Kevin S. Hamilton and their wives were able to meet with the Missionaries.  This was recorded so we could be able to show it to the Elders in the eastern side of the mission.  It was a good experience for them to be able to see this.  We did not catch all the Elders in this picture but those that were present were as follows (from left to right):

Elders Dryer, Okeny, Richards, Smith, Sister Thomas, Elders Jenner, Mukonda and Shabalala.

Thursday, February 5, 2015

Bookshelf Repairs

As we inspected one of the flats, we discovered a bookshelf that was about to fall apart.  We went back today to glue it back together.  There are always repairs that are needed.  My handyman skills have come to good use in the mission field.  We are making space on the floor and cleaning out the bookshelf before glueing it.  You can see the bookshelf in the back ground where the back had come off and is standing against the wall.  That is Elder Okeny from Uganda who just arrived in the mission field a couple of days ago. He pitched in to help.  He is Elder Richard’s new companion.

Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Transfer Day in East London

Transfer Day began at the church at 6:30 in the morning.  Elder and Sister Thomas had picked up the rental van the evening before.  The Elders arrived on time and we made it to the airport with no problems and checked in without a hitch even with the new baggage requirements for the carry on luggage.  We dropped off the Elders who were flying to Cape Town at the airport.  You can see Sister Thomas moving to give Elder Martey a “Hand Hug” as they leave to go through security. 

Prior to the picking up the Elders arriving from PE on the bus, we had to drop by the British Travel Clinic in order for Elder Dean to get his last Rabies Shot. That is Elders Radebe, Dean and Richards with Sister Thomas with Elder Dean holding his arm.

The bus arriving from Port Elizabeth was two hours late because of a flat tyre on its trailer.  We waited there as long as we could then called the EL Zone leaders to wait for the incoming Elders.  We had to go back to the church to pick up the Elders that needed to be shuttled to the bus station to depart to Port Elizabeth.  Unfortunately, the incoming and outgoing Elders were at different bus stations.  After we dropped off those traveling on the buses to Port Elizabeth and then George, we went to pick up the 6 Elders who had finally arrived at the other bus station. We dropped them off at the church and went to the airport to pick up the 10 Elders coming in from Cape Town.

When we arrived back at the Church, there was a joyous reunion as Elders saw missionaries that they knew and as new companions met.  It is surprising how many Elders need to be there because walking Elders need rides to the Church from those that have cars and others are waiting as threesomes so a missionary can pick up his new companion.

Sister Thomas and I feel fortunate to see, feel and be part of the oneness that existing between the missionaries in a mission.   You can see Sister Thomas leaning on the van enjoying the “oneness” of the missionaries.  This is a blessing that we will take away from our mission and we hope to cross paths with these missionaries in the future. Time will only tell. 

Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Train the Trainers at Elder and Sister Thomas' Boarding

We had the Zone Leaders over this morning and the Missionaries that will begin training this week as transfers take place.  In this meeting we all felt the spirit of our Heavenly Father guiding the discussion and the comments.  Our mission President views the Trainer’s assignment as the most important position in the mission.  I endorse his opinion totally.  A missionary’s trainer can have a wonderful influence both in the mission field and through out life.

From left to right across the bottom picture are Elders Mmusi, Johnson, Stratton, Chapman, Wells, Richards and Manqane.  Elders Stratton, Wells and Manqane are the Zone Leaders and Elders Mmusi, Johnson, Chapman and Richards have the assignment to be Trainers.  There are only three Zone Leaders because Elder Mchunu left on Monday to take his new role as an Assistant to the President.

Sister Thomas made the Elders a home made ice cream sandwich.  They consist of ice cream in the middle of two homemade chocolate chip cookies.  The Elders really enjoyed them and were all smiles.

Monday, February 2, 2015

Fixing Scriptures

There are some days in the mission field that you seem to be more a repair shop than a Senior Missionary.  Perhaps on second thought, we have come to learn that part of a Senior Missionary’s calling is to be of service to those around you. . . especially the missionaries.  I noticed one of the missionary’s scriptures were falling apart.  It took some time to find a suitable glue that was the South African version of rubber cement.  I was able to purchase some and then went about glueing Elder Freitas’ Bible and Triple Combination.  The Triple Combination had come totally apart but you can see the Bible was ripped only on one side.  In this picture the Triple Combination was completed and I was just about to start on the Bible.

Sunday, February 1, 2015

We say Fairwell to Elder Mchunu - At Least for Now

We take the time to catch a picture with Elder Mchunu today.  He is being transferred tomorrow morning ahead of the transfers next week so he can get to Cape Town because he is becoming the new Assistant to the President, which is a wonderful opportunity for a very obedient missionary.  We think the world of Elder Mchunu.

He tells the story of his youth as one of being a member but not totally committed to the church and certainly not thinking of a mission until one evening quite late he came home to hear his mother in vocal prayer kneeling by his bed.  He explained that as he stood outside the door to his room and listened in on the vocal prayer of this mother his life changed in the twinkling of an eye.  He knew and understood both the love of his mother but he also began to understood the love of the Savior.  Since that day he has focused on preparing for and serving as a valiant missionary.  It can be said of Elder Mchunu that “He did not doubt his mother knew it”.

Take a look at June 13, 2004 to see another interesting story about Elder Mchunu.  It is nice to see him finally smiling in this picture.