"And whoso receiveth you, there I will be also, for I will go before your face. I will be on your right hand and on your left, and my Spirit shall be in your hearts, and mine angels round about you, to bear you up." D&C 84:88

Saturday, February 14, 2015

Sister Thomas Passes our Valentine's Wishes to the Elders

We had a rushed day today.  This morning I received a text from President Bell and I called him right back.  He asked me to speak at the Saturday Adult session of Stake Conference.  About 20 minutes later we received a call from the King William’s Town Elders that they had been in an accident.  They were turning right and someone went to over take them on the right. As they were turning, the vehicle hit them on the driver’s side door and front fender.  The good news was that all the Elders were OK.

This changed our day as we had to go to the church and pick up our last spare vehicle and take it to get some tires fixed and returned to the church so the Elders could pick it up when they come in for Stake Conference.  Once done, we returned home and began to get ready to go back to the Women’s Auxiliary Training Meeting where Sister Thomas was going to speak.  Just as we were getting ready we received a call from President Van Heerdan asking if Sister Thomas was coming to the meeting.  As it turned out, we were told the incorrect time for the meeting and we arrived very late. Sister Thomas was not able to give her talk.  A very sad and disappointing event for her because her message would have been perfect and, quite frankly, Sister Thomas has never missed an speaking assignment by being late.  When we attended the Mdantsane 2nd Ward, they announced the meeting times incorrectly.

Sister Thomas was asked to give the opening prayer at the Adult Session of Conference.  Elder Thomas’ talk was excellent.  He was assigned to talk on the miracles that can be brought about by faith.  The theme of the whole conference was “Hastening the Work”.  He related three separate “miracles” that had happened to Elders in the East London Stake when they asked in faith for specific things like placing Books of Mormon or finding a father led family.  He even received an email from a member in Sada expressing thanks for the wonderful talk.  The session had been broadcast to the Queenstown chapel.

Following the Saturday Adult session of Stake conference, Sister Thomas passed out a Valentine’s Gift to each of the Elders.  A big Nestle chocolate bar wrapped in red packaging.  She wished each Elder a Happy Valentine's Day and told them that we loved them.  That was a highlight for the day for Sister Thomas and made up a little bit for the sadness of not being there on time to fulfill an assignment.  The Elders are always so grateful for little acts of kindness.  As in all things, some of the Elders gobbled this down not because is was special but just because they were hungry.

We finished of the day with a nice meal at Guidos in Beacon Bay with President Merrill.  We discussed several issues we are facing in the mission, but I am sure to our kids delight, we began to discuss the travel plans for our departure.  We are not sure we are ready to leave.

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