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Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Shelving Project in our Garage

When President Merrill was here, we spoke of moving further ahead on our "Regional Hub Post"idea to get resources into the hands of the Elders quicker while at the same time reducing the work load on the Post Elders.  In order to implement this, we took the time to install some shelving in our garage to make space for the increased storage of teaching material along with all the other supplies we have available for the Elders. It  took several hours to clean out the garage, put up the shelves and then “stock the shelves” but it was fun to have a work project that I could do together with Sister Thomas. 

Actually, it was pleasing to do some manual labour and to see a project accomplished.  We both had a feeling that we helped prepare our boarding for those coming behind us.  I must admit I walked back into the garage several times that evening just to enjoy the new shelves.

We have ordered four cases of Books of Mormon and one case of each of the teaching pamphlets to have as stock here on the east side of the mission.  We hope to get to the point that we would order in bulk and the Zone Leaders would come and collect from us or we could deliver to them when we are out and about serving them.

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  1. Projects like this not only free up space for your vehicles and de-clutter your home, but they also provide your family with the opportunity to bond over some work. You often have no idea just how much you can accomplish, even if you're not a "handy" type of person, until you put in the effort and give it a try.

    Machelle Ledoux @ Total Garage Repair