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Monday, September 8, 2014

Cutrer Grandsons Win their Football Games

We try to stay close to our family at home.  Today we were sent the links to some pictures of our Grandsons football games.  They all won on Saturday.  Of course we get the scores and outcomes of the games during the day on our Saturday Evening. Their Dad, Jeff Cutrer, is one of the coaches on Brody’s football team. 

That is JT in the upper left looking for a pass from his quarterback.  Chaz in upper right seems to be looking for a way through the line and I can see he is just about ready for the shuffle step to break through.  Brody in lower left looks like he is pausing as he waits for a hand off from his quarterback.  Their dad in lower right runs back along the side lines.  (You can tell it takes a bit of imagination as you look at the pictures, something I have plenty of)

Final scores were:
Brody: 15 - 0
Chaz: 34 - 6
JT:  18 - 0

We thank Trisha and Jeff for helping us stay connected.  It is not quite the same as being there in person.  The Text’s back and forth while the games are being played are fun to read.

Jeff: Chaz's game. Up 6-0
Jeff: 12-0
Jeff: 20-0 half. Chaz with a pick to set up a TD right before half.
Chelsea: Atta boy!!
Mark: We'll done.  Is he playing line backer or corner or safety?
Jeff: He's playing safety
Jeff: 26-0
Jeff: End of 3
Mark: Thanks
Jeff 34-0. Chaz at QB
Jeff: 34-6. Kick return for TD.
Jeff: Final

Jeff: JT's game. No score end of 1.
Jeff: JT up 6-0
Jeff: Half
Jeff: 12-0. End of 3
Mark: Thanks for keeping the scores coming.  How's the weather?
Jeff: Gorgeous!  Sunny and 81
Jeff: 18-0
Mark: Is it over yet?
Jeff: Final

Mark: Thanks!  Brody is next?  What time?
Jeff: Starting now.
Jeff: 13-0
Jeff: Half
Jeff: 15-0
Jeff: Final
Chelsea: Awesome. 3 wins!
Mark: Tell all three well done.

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