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Monday, September 29, 2014

Rand/Dollar Exchange Rates

We received the message for the new exchange rate from the Church offices in Salt Lake City, Utah.  It was set at ZAR/USD at 11.91.  This looked incorrect to me so I looked on the internet and then called our Mission Financial Secretary.  I taught him how to look up the exchange rate on Google Finance and showed him it could not possibly be correct.  Elder Peterson promised to go back to Johannesburg and query the rate.  He call Roff Randall, whom we know, and he checked with Salt Lake.  A day later we received the note below from Elder Petersen.  Nice to know you have an impact clear to Salt Lake City.  Impressive how quickly the communications went.

Hi All,

I just received an update on the exchange rate for October. Thanks to President and Sister Thomas, it was discovered that the exchange rate sent out by church headquarters last week was incorrect, see the corrected rate below and the attached files;

01 Oct 2014
ZAR/USD - 11.1340 USD/ZAR - 0.0898149

Please discard the earlier emails for our October Exchange Rate.

Kind Regards,
Elder Petersen
Finance Secretary
South Africa Cape Town Mission

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